Our Chairman: Lt. Gen USMC, Ret. Representative Jack Bergman, (R-MI-01)

Growing up in the Midwest, Jack Bergman’s parents instilled in him the values that drive the American Dream: in our exceptional nation, if you work hard, never quit, and strive for excellence, you will find success.

Those values are what guided him to the rank of Lt. General in the United States Marine Corps, empowered him to successfully own and operate a small business, and allowed him to enjoy a 22-year career as a commercial airline pilot.

The Bergman family roots in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula stretch back to the late 1800’s where his ancestors worked as iron miners. Serving his country in uniform for 40 years, Jack lived all around the country – and world. Nearly three decades ago, Jack and his wife Cindy settled in Watersmeet, on the western edge of Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula.

Jack is a grandfather to ten wonderful grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. This has always been one of the largest factors in his decision to serve in Congress. When Jack looks at what’s happening in Washington, he knows that we are not leaving our children and grandchildren a country better than the one we received from our parents and grandparents. From his business to his distinguished military career, and now in Congress, Jack Bergman will not accept the status quo as an acceptable path forward.

Jack is driven by his commitment to serving others. While in the military, he launched two successful startup businesses in the medical equipment field, maintaining an obligation to both his nation and his customers simultaneously. As an entrepreneurial leader focused on mission accomplishment and customer satisfaction, Jack knows how to get things done.

Hard work and commitment made the United States the most exceptional nation in the world. Those are the principles that have guided Jack’s life, and these are the principles that he is bringing to Washington. He believes what most Michiganders believe: Americans know how to live their lives better than politicians or bureaucrats in Washington do.